The Allure Of Being Limited: Part 1/2

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Quick Read: Value as a concept to a consumer has 2 key dimensions: perceived benefit and perceived cost (of a product). But the moment a third dimension called ‘availability’ is introduced, the equation becomes intriguing and interesting, especially when the former is limited – in reach or time.

Value is an interesting concept. It can be defined as  the consumer’s perceived benefit derived from a product in relation to its perceived cost, and can be represented by the equation:

Value = Benefit / Cost 

What generates value? Dial up the benefit and/or dial down the cost of your product for the consumer. Simple. Isn’t it? But that is conventional.

Let’s take the concept of Limited Availability. When something becomes limited in availability, the concept of value can become a bit unconventional and even compelling – almost as intriguing and compelling as the concept of turbulence is for physicists.

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This week’s top 5:

1)      “Monday Just Got Better! Dresses At £15 & Under!‏” – Boohoo

Checking emails on a Monday morning on the train to work for many of us is a daunting and undesirable task. Especially when we haven’t checked it over the weekend and is bound to be filled with masses of junk. This is simple but effective and for me (obviously because I am Boohoo’s target audience) Monday morning blues can all disappear when you see this email in your inbox.

2)      “Maisie, here’s a cracking offer to kick start your week‏” – Pizza Express

Using someone’s name in the subject line makes all the difference and makes an email so much more personalised. Again on a Monday morning, I clicked on this to see what Pizza Express have to offer.

3)      “When they’re gone, they’re gone: Get them before they go!” – Wowcher

This caught my attention due to its sense of urgency, it made me think “What’s going to go?!” which is another successful technique in getting people to read emails.

4)       “You’ve got work. We’ve got a simple solution.‏” – Adobe

This makes me feel like adobe have got something to offer me, so I click on the email to see what their ‘simple solution’ is exactly. This is similar to a tagline on a CV or cover letter, making someone think you have something to give to them, which then intrigues them and makes them wonder what it is.

5)      “Maisie, because we love you… City breaks from £89pp” – Easy jet

“Because we love you” makes me feel like I am indeed a very valued customer, even if it is only easy jet. They also use my name which makes the email very personalised and unique to me, similarly to the deal they are offering – I feel like it is a personal deal for me.

Thank you for reading…

Maisie x


Hello and welcome to my blog…

OK so, this is my first ever post and I’m going to begin with telling you a little bit about myself; I’m currently at university in my first year studying a BA (hons) degree in Marketing with Spanish. I have a love and passion for travel and my lifetime goal is to be creating and delivering spectacular marketing strategies and campaigns whilst travelling the world…

The reason I’m making this blog is because when I sat down and thought about what inspires me about marketing, the first thing that popped into my head was how effective a brilliant marketing campaign can be, and the most key element to effective marketing is communication. Not only internally between colleagues but more importantly on a client level. I appreciate that communication preference is something that varies depending on your audience, I have come to understand this as I recognize it through myself. My preferred channel of communication is through any form of social media, or face to face as I feel this is the best way I can communicate myself, my skills and my personality. Equally I understand this differs from person to person, so it is crucial to know your audience and their preferred channel of communication in order to be able to communicate information or messages with them effectively.

Now I’m sure we all receive a ton of emails each and every day, that we simply do not have the time nor interest to bother reading. Which in most cases results in us simply deleting them or creating a new email address so we no longer have to receive them. But of course businesses are in many cases unaware of this, and are still reaching us on an email that is no longer even in use.

The point is, what have businesses got to do to get us to open their direct emails? Well this is essentially the reason I’m creating this blog. To give you an insight into my weekly top five best subject lines that have made me open an email instantly and those that I think are clever, funny or simply interesting enough to make me want to action them further. As direct email it is a marketing tool that many organisations utilise, however there are so many companies that are doing all the wrong things which is resulting in their direct mail being directed straight to the junk box, when this could be so easily rectified by ensuring the subject line is catchy.

I will also be posting a range of marketing campaigns/strategies that have really caught my eye and critically analysing ones that haven’t been so successful (in my eyes) whether it be in the form of adverts, social media marketing, promotions etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope to be updating weekly…

Maisie x